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About Dangeru

Dangeru is a small village located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is exactly located in the eastern Godavari district. Since it is a village, it has a gram panchayat known as the Dangeru Panchayat which is the municipal body governing the civic services. The district headquarters is Kakinada and tehsil or block is Pamarru, which are at a distance of thirty-three kilometers and twelve kilometers from the village respectively. Interestingly it is a very small village with a small population of around five thousand eight hundred and ninety-two people only. There are about one thousand five hundred houses and the nearest town for daily needs is Ramachandrapuram which not too far away and at a distance of sixteen kilometers away. The official language of the village is Telugu and people there also speak Urdu and English.

Geography of Dangeru

The small village of Dangeru has a total area of one thousand two hundred thirty-five square hectares, which makes it a decent sized village, and in fact the second most populous village in the district. The pin code is 533263. The branch office for the postal delivery is situated in Dangeru itself which is a boon and one of the biggest advantages as then the post is delivered in the village itself rather than at another place and then has to be brought to the village. The latitude is 16.7380772 and longitude is 82.0801989 and due to its location, the transport links are also good and easily accessible as the village has a bus coming there. The few major towns are also nearby and hence this village is convenient for the people who stay there.

It is not difficult to reach Dangeru either by road, rail or bus. When travelling by road, Ramachandrapuram is the nearest town and when reaching by train, the nearest railway stations are Gangavaram or Kunduru stations or even the Ramchandrapuram or the Narasapurapupeta station are also close to Ramchandrapuram. There are many options by bus as there are major bus stations at the big cities from where buses run at regular intervals.

Tourism of Dangeru

Even though Dangeru is village and the population is medium sized, surprisingly and interestingly there are some places that tourists must see. Travelers who are on the lookout for a village feel with serenity and quietness, this village should be considered to visit. This village gives you the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of cities and towns and you can walk peacefully without the risk of being bumping into something. There are many beaches which can be accessed to from Dangeru. Even though they are a distance they are worth visiting. The village mostly has beautiful temples made with amazing architecture such as the Durgamma temple. The other places to go sightseeing are the parks, forts and the shopping malls in the nearby towns. Even though a village it has many places to see and will definitely keep you occupied and busy.

Shopping in Dangeru

The village has some local shops where basic and daily needs can be purchased but it is a possibility that these shops might not have all the stock. For bulk purchases people travel to the nearest town and buy whatever household goods and personal goods they may need as not everything is available in the local shops due to the not so big population. The shopping mall is almost like a saving grace where people can go and buy all sorts of clothes, footwear, accessories and so on. It may not be possible to go every day and probably people try to go when required to stock their home with food and the mall as and when they need things.

Medical Stores in Dangeru

For medical stores one has to travel 4 to 5 kms. However, most of the medicines are available in the stores so it is not much of a problem. People do not need to travel too far to get medical attention especially in case of emergencies. Some of the hospitals with address and phone numbers are listed below: -

Royal Medicals
Phone: 09849496789

Durga Medicals
Phone: 08857255369

Government Hospital

Apollo Pharmacy
Phone: 08605000101

Utility Services of Dangeru

In the main village of Dangeru one may not find essential utilizes such as banks but within a distance of five to ten kilometres these services are available. Since the transport link is fair, it is not difficult to travel the distance and get your work done. Many banks have their branches within a few miles of the village and there is also the ATM facility ten kilometres from the village.  The address for the ATM facilities are: -

  • ICICI Bank ATM- Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh 533262
  • SBI ATM: - Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh 533262
  • Federal Bank ATM- Kolanka, Andhra Pradesh 533464
  • Axis Bank ATM: - Mummidivaram, Andhra Pradesh 533216

With regard to telephone services, one of the best things that could happen is mobile services and Dangeru is blessed to have mobile coverage. Nowadays everyone has a mobile as they are so affordable. With the advantage of good network calls can be made and received easily without the effort of going to the booth to make calls. However, internet service is not available and if one needs to use it he or she has to travel about five to ten kilometres. Land lines are also not available but the good news is that there is a public call office where people can go and make their calls. Courier services is available and post offices also offer sending parcels. The post office is in the village itself and hence its services can be used.

Emergency Services in Dangeru

Utilities which we would find easily in cities would not be easily found in Dangeru but at a distance of few kilometres a lot of services become available and hence if anyone wants to hire banquet halls they would need to travel to the closest towns. The police station and fire services closest to this village are in Ramchandrapuram.

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